Gabrielle Blackburn is a two time national champion, multiple regional champion, and 10 time national finalist.


Gabrielle began her training journey by visiting an AKC agility trial in 2001.  Since then, she has worked with different breeds  with various motivational levels and has helped each team accomplish their training goals and achieve success.  With her own dogs, she has gotten multiple agility titles such as several MACHs (AKC's agility championship title), ADCH (USDAA's agility championship title), competed in the highest level of obedience, and competed and won on the national level in agility.


She has traveled and given seminars all over the United States, Europe, and in South America.   Gabrielle is well known for perfecting foundation skills and finding the best way to customize training for individual teams.



2009 South East Regional Steeplechase Champion (1st Place)

2009 USDAA National Steeplechase Finalist 

2010 North Central Regional Grand Prix Champion

2010 AKC National Finalist 

2010 USDAA National Grand Prix Finalist

2011 AKC Nationals 2nd Place Finals

2011 USDAA National Steeplechase Finalist

2011 South Central Steeplechase Champion (1st Place)

2011 South East Steeplechase Champion (1st Place)

2011 South East Grand Prix Final (2nd Place)

2012 AKC National Champion (1st Place)

2013 South East Steeplechase Champion

2013 South East Grand Prix Final (3rd Place)

2012 USDAA Steeplechase National Champion (1st Place)

2013 USDAA National Grand Prix Finalist

2013 AKC Nationals 3rd Place Finals

2013 USDAA Steeplechase Finalist


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